About Us

Super Pack Industries is widely acknowledge as a highly competitive fine quality flexible packaging printer for mono and multi layer Labels, Wrappers, Bags and Sachets etc. with timely deliveries and excellent all round services shortly after its inception.

Printing Section
Equipped with state of the art, fully Computerized, Auto Controlled 6 colors high speed printing machine with dual automatic registration control systems, and other sophisticated and advanced equipment essential for producing fine quality high speed reel to reel printing of BOPP, PET & PERAL films etc.

Lamination Section
The post printed lamination section required for further converting the above printed films into multi layer & multi grade laminates to meet individual products specific packaging requirements in different multi layer laminated film configuration. Super Pack Industries currently works on fully automatic solvent less lamination machine. Which produce high speed multi layer odorless laminates combining BOPP, PET PERAL & PAPER, with CPP films & ALUMINUM FOIL, etc. through this process.

Hologram Section
Super Pack Industries also can provide Hologram Facility to our valued clients to protect there products from duplication, fake or pirated copies.

Bag Making Section
Further to meet current market trends & keep abreast with the latest packaging requirement of our Clients. Super Pack Industries also produce beside high speed Wrap around Labels Wrappers and Sachets etc., Various type of Bags & STAND-a Pouches etc. for fast increasing number of Clients using these special and latest packaging for attractive convenient and cost effective, temper proof packing of their prestigious products like Mineral Water, Juices, & other Confectionery Items.

Inspection, Rewinding, & Slitting, Section
To eliminate miss-prints or any other printing or packaging mistakes, etc to the maximum possible extents. Super Pack Industries use special INSPECTION AND ERROR CHECKING machines before and in between all post printing intermediary conversion processes. Such as lamination and slitting etc.

Dispatch Section
We also have very organized and systematic dispatch department for timely deliveries of the maximum possible error free printed materials to our respected Clients.

Quality Control Section
In order to achieve the above goals Super Pack Industries use only the best available local as well as imported printing and lamination films, top quality printing inks and imported chemicals for top quality printing and lamination’s with the assistance of highly qualified and professionally experienced technical staff.

Offering you our hi-tech and state of the art above facilities for your Wrap around Labels Wrappers, Sachets, Bags, And Stand-a Pouches and other packaging requirements. We solicits and look forward to your valued inquires and assuring you our best services with prompt and personal attention and most competitive prices as well we remain.